Friday film links

Just a brief post here to highlight some interesting websites. I’ve been blogging quite a bit about movies lately, something I hope to do more of in the future. I’ve been particularly obsessed with Korean movies. They have the dual effect of giving me interesting stories about the country I live in while also giving me a hint of how well my language studies are progressing. (The answer to that second part: not very fast.)

I’ve also been looking at more film blogs lately. A while back I was nudged in the direction of this blog, which I finally spent some time perusing today. Her site is very nice on its own, but it also took me to some other excellent places, such as the now defunct Film Studies Journal, which has a collection of downloadable articles. I’m in research mode these days, so I’m looking forward to digging into that. Her site also led me to, of all things, the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies—specifically, an excellent article on my favorite Korean movie, A Tale of Two Sisters. And something I can’t believe I haven’t come across before: (While I’m at it, I should point out one more I came across by accident a few weeks back, The Foreigner’s Guide to Film Culture in Korea.) in particular is outstanding, with a ton of good content. Just like that, I spent the next three hours reading essays, reading reviews, researching films, and getting completely lost.

And now I see that the day’s over. Time for dinner. And then, probably, watch another Korean movie.


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