It’s not necessarily neglect, more lack of followthrough. I started a few posts, as I can see in my drafts page, and then failed to complete them. It was mostly political stuff, with one big personal one. But on both fronts the winds changed and the news — both out there in the world and inside my brain — quickly became outdated.

Junes and Decembers are strange months for me in Korea. At the ends of semesters there’s always a ramp-up of activities and emotions and confusion that seem to magnetize and explode into… events. It’s different every time, but the feelings are eerily consistent. It all leaves me both exhilarated and depressed. So in the come-down stage, where I am now, I hide a little more than I normally would. Lately I’ve been watching a bunch of movies, playing with sound, reading, and spending a lot of time re-writing my textbook. I seem to be constantly tired lately, but I’ve got a nice little inspirational burst going. It feels good to have time, and it feels especially good to be productive.

Summer plans are set, barring any more last-minute drama. I’ll be in the States late July to late August. It’s my third trip back to the U.S. I’m mostly looking forward to family and food. Mexican food, Indian food, Thai food. We’ve got all that here, but it’s done so poorly that I don’t even bother. I will return a fatter man.

The trip will climax with a wedding in Portland. Two friends whom I miss dearly are tying the knot. It’s gonna be a great week. We’re putting the band back together yet again. We’ve hit the stage in Busan, Gimhae, Singapore, and we’re now set to conquer America.


2 Responses to “June”

  1. Do you mean your band is “coming to America” with you?

  2. Not *with* me. But we’re coalescing there, yeah.

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