Hatred, spoon-fed

I think I’m better off staying in Korea. America scares me. Still. Maybe now more than ever.

I started making this new Daily Koz TV site part of my regular early morning coffee routine. It’s rotting my brain. This one little looking glass makes it seem as though America is gearing up for full-on armed Civil War.

Before last week I didn’t know who Glenn Beck was. That’s one scary dude. In this clip, he’s basically saying “Buy a gun because the government is coming for you in the same way the Nazis did.” There’s a very thin line between that and calling for assassinations outright. He’s also featured prominently in a 5-minute montage of FOX News on an Obama skewering rampage.

I guess this is another manifestation of the same old story that’s happened throughout history: change giving rise to fear giving rise to desperation. Except these days fear is projected into our homes on a continuous loop. Access to this kind of constant vitriol is still fairly new. So, recently unemployed Joe Dumbshit can sit in his living room with his gun, watch FOX all day long, and slowly build fear upon hatred upon fear upon hatred until he’s insane.

I did enjoy one clip. Keith Olbermann absolutely burying Texas Governor Rick Perry (along with those who voted for him) for not ruling out secession. There’s no fear or hatred in there, just good research and a sharp wit combining into a well-deserved verbal ass-kicking. There is a huge difference between well-constructed commentary and chicken-shit hate-mongering.

But I gotta stop going to that website. I’ll just go back to my relatively tame Google News feed.

I’m way over on the other side of the planet, so what do I know. I hope most of this is being ignored by the vast majority of Americans. It’s the significant minority that worries me.


One Response to “Hatred, spoon-fed”

  1. Mikeeeeee Says:

    Unfortunately its not beong ignored. Politically fueled rage is everywhere. Im an avid listener of talk radio and i gotta say its nuts. Youd think the hostility and criticism was at peak in George Ws days but its on a whole other level now. The problem is is that the people who were supporting Obamas campaign before electiom day were not educated enoigh about his poicies and his methods. Which, may i add, 100% americas fault. Im somewhat of an obama supporter. Its just that the stupid ones were blinded by all this talk of “change” and obamas charismatic stage presence without ever looking hard enough. Hes a minority that comes from the working class. How could you not guess that he would have some sort of socialistic influence on things.

    I got back here two months ago and its crazy. Im going back to korea bc i just feel nervous whenever i listen to the radio or watch a news channel.

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