Let’s build a force field around our souls

This guy is clearly an igoramus. But I gotta give him credit for making me laugh. It was not only hilarious but enlightening, showing me why people who love Christ also love killing people.

The new “Star Trek” film shows Captain Kirk’s Starship Enterprise making good use of photon torpedoes and force fields.   So the question comes to mind: Would Israel be safer if it could shoot down enemy missiles and rockets with such photon torpedoes, or block them altogether with a force field?  Of course it would.


7 Responses to “Let’s build a force field around our souls”

  1. “people who love Christ also love killing people.” — No one is perfect…especially Christians that’s why they need Christ.

    Christians are human beings ….even though some act like they’re better than others…no denying that…but Christians come from all walks of life just as any religion and from that pool of people they’re violent, peaceful, funny, smart, dumb, ignorant and enlightened….(and most [I hope] are trying to become like Christ).

    In other words Christians in general are not violent some are some aren’t.

    Funny quote though

  2. Excellent point and you’re absolutely right. I posted that in a rush and should have been more careful with my words. I really can’t add anything more because you nailed it spot on. Thanks for a great comment.

  3. What’s your point?I guy who says he’s a Christian said something stupid.
    Like atheists don’t say say stupid things.

    What happened to your “the pope is a dope” post?

    I’m still waiting for a response to my questions from that one.

    Why did you take it down?

  4. I didn’t take it down. It’s still there. Are you the same guy with a different name now? I decided to give you the last word.

  5. I think that people are quick to judge…yes, Christians are violent…but so are humans in general…Christianity’s theology doesn’t promote violence (unlike other religions)…does it?

  6. I can’t think of any mainstream religion that explicitly promotes violence. But the propagation of any ideology isn’t an objective/transparent process. It’s the nuanced and subjective ways in which an idea is sent and received (and thus believed) that creates the potential for violence. Someone hears something and makes his or her own belief structure out of it. That can be harmless or it can be violent. My problem is certain individuals or groups who pervert ideas toward encouraging violence or ignorance. Like this guy in the original post.

  7. There are intrinsically violent religions out there (mainstream and otherwise). Not all religions are good or equal. I think violence can come from both the people that infer ideas into the religion and(or) the actual religion itself.

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