Day off

Today is Children’s Day. It’s a holiday in Korea which means no classes. I have no children and my parents don’t live here, and my other is spending time with her family. So for me it’s another random noncelebratory day of nothingness that I’ll fill with some kind of somethingness.

I’ve decided to begin the day by making a cup of Peet’s coffee and listening to Gorecki’s third symphony, first movement, with the iTunes 8 visualizer turned on. The slow crossfade of sleep into caffeine makes for a mesmirizing audiovisual experience. It’s like a darker Fantasia without all the anthropomorphisms prancing around. A good way to start the day.

The windows are open wide. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, perfect weather. From the text messages I’m getting, it seems there’s a gathering at the beach in the works. I’ll probably head over to Haeundae soon, grab a quick bite, and filter my way through the throngs of families fullfilling the same plan.

Maybe I’ll catch a movie before tonight’s Korean class. We’re learning future tense lately, and I think I’m finally starting to get a grasp of how to string simple sentences together. It’s been a long time since I’ve really learned something, in the sense of dedicating a good part of myself toward gathering knowledge, practicing, and then outputting it in some useful form. Korean language has been very much like learning how to play a new musical instrument. It takes time and repetition to turn newly gathered information in something you can actually execute.

But enough of that. I need to take a shower and go see what’s out there.


One Response to “Day off”

  1. elorac Says:

    Happy belated Children’s Day. What a nice custom.

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