I never played darts before I came to Korea, but it’s a fixture in the foreigner bar scene here so I’ve picked it up recently. I told myself I’d never buy my own set, mainly because I’m not good at darts. I lose just about every game I play. There’s the added pressure aspect as well. If you approach a board and whip out your own set, people will expect that you’ve got some game. I do not have game.

But I tried this here set of Japanese Prisma Azda darts just for kicks. First throw, I hit a double bullseye. Second throw, I hit another bull. They felt great in my hand and I figured it was a good sign. They weren’t cheap at 79,000 won, but what the hell. I spend a good chunk of my social life playing, so why not?


So, how did I do in my first game? I lost, came in third among three people. Second game, lost again. For the third game we had four players. Lost again. So I still suck. And I look like an idiot. And I’m out 79 chon. But they’re so pretty.


4 Responses to “Underthrow”

  1. They sho’ is. Regardless how ugly your score is.

  2. Those things look deadly!

  3. Fuck darts.

    Electronic darts swept through the expat scene like the Black Death last year. Suddenly all my friends were pissing away the nights with endless dart games. I tried to play for a while, but I lost EVERY game I played. I’m fucking useless at darts. I’m always the worst person playing and finally just gave up and decided to badmouth the game.

    Were I dictator (which I should be), the practice would be banned.

  4. Haha… That probably should have been my post. Verbatim.

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