New phone, new TV

This is my new TV. It’s also my new cell phone…


I haven’t owned a TV in over two years, ever since I moved to Korea. When I finally get one, it winds up being an accessory item. Technology is weird.

The picture quality is outstanding for such a tiny little thing. And it’s easy. I plug in the antenna, flip up the screen, hit the TV button, and cycle through channels. It’s got about 10 channels and the broadcasts are free. I don’t watch it very much though. Korean TV leaves a lot to be desired. It primarily consists of three types of programming — melodramas, news, and variety shows. If I’m able to figure out how to get Lost and Lotte Giants games I might watch it more.

So why did I get it? It was free. It’s Samsung’s brand new product (the SPH-W6450), and from what I could understand through the translation, Samsung wants to get it out there for people to see. So with a 2-month contract I walked out without paying a single won. I think the list price on it is 650,000.

There seem to be a lot of buried features that I haven’t figured out yet. The camera is great, but I’m still tweaking with the settings. It also does video calls, but I haven’t even touched that yet. One thing I do not like about this phone is that the battery lasts for about two days. The screen is so big and bright (even on lowest setting) that the energy gets sucked out of it pretty quickly.

The feature I am excited about is the Bluetooth capability. I finally figured out how to connect it to my MacBook. The problem is it took about 5 minutes to bring one solitary mp3 over to my phone. That ain’t gonna work, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Tweak, tweak, tweak…


2 Responses to “New phone, new TV”

  1. You are too cool bro. 2 month contract? Incredible. English as well?

  2. Did I say two months? I’m an idiot. I meant two years.
    Yeah, it’s got English, and there’s a nice translation dictionary in it too.

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