Clutching the short straw

Easter? What’s Easter? I didn’t even know it was happening until the morning after when I got an email from my mom. I blame it on the whirlwind of events lately. Yeah, I said “whirlwind.” Whenever life becomes jam-packed with deep thoughts and deeper goings on I like to use that word even though it doesn’t mean anything.

On Sunday, Easter as it turns out, I moved from my old apartment in Yongho-dong to my new one right smack in the middle of campus. I lived in the old pad for two years and I had some really fun times there. But I will not miss election time, which is marked by incessantly repetitive, insanity inducing, badly mediatized noise. Fact is I didn’t want to move. But now that I have, I’m really taking a liking to the new place. Its glaring drawback is the low ceilings, which I hate. But the horizontal breadth makes up for it. I have a much wider living space now, a lot more light, and the place is all newly remodeled.

I’m also completely preoccupied with my future. My desire to stay in Korea has expanded into a new dimension as of late, so it’s taking up a lot of thought and conversation. The problem is that as this desire increases day by day, my options are collapsing one by one. I’ll probably go ahead and grasp the remaining straw even though I’m not at all happy about its size. I’ve been spoiled; I can afford to dine on a little humble pie for a couple seasons.

Anyway, the Spring always makes me feel alive so I’m going to try and present myself firmly in the now and stop thinking about things I can’t control. Moments like this particular now, sitting in a clean apartment at 2:30 am, listening to the rain outside and writing random, pointless thoughts.


2 Responses to “Clutching the short straw”

  1. Cue the banjo player

  2. haha – awesome blog – cracks me up

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