Skype for iPod

Well this is interesting. Skype is now available for the iPhone.

Skype is a godsend for expatriates, because you can do computer-to-computer calls for free, and make land line calls dirt cheap. To have it on an iPhone is pretty damned cool. I’d love to have an iPhone, but it’s worthless in Korea because of the cellular networks here. However, I did notice this juicy tidbit, buried at the very bottom of the article:

iPod Touch users will also be able to enjoy Skype, but this would require them to purchase a microphone, or headphones with built-in microphones (like the iPhone’s).

The iPod Touch is a different story. This means I could be sitting at a wireless network (ubiquitous in Korea) and make a Skype call to my family back home in America or to a friend’s computer anywhere. What’s better, I could use my iPod Touch as a kind of cell phone for when I go back to the States. If people need to reach me, they can “call” me on my iPod. It would be kind of like having an international cell phone, but without the contracts and charges.

Or am I missing something?


6 Responses to “Skype for iPod”

  1. I just read in the PBS newsletter that South Koreans are addicted to the internet and that it is becoming a health hazard there. Not sure what that means – posture?, no sunlight?, forgetting to eat?

  2. moisturizer shortage

  3. Yes, technically iPod Touch can now send and receive calls via Skype as long as you have your microphone on. Cool, huh? it isn’t too different from iPhone now, is it?

  4. Cool indeed. I’d imagine it’s more practical as a call-out phone than a call-in phone though. If you’re in a home or office where there’s wireless, people can call you. But if you’re outside, say trying to meet up with friends, it’s not very reliable. If you want to call someone, you’d have to duck into a cafe and make a call.

    And how would you hear an incoming call anyway, unless you had your headphones on all the time? I suppose getting some tiny speaker attachment would work, but that brings up the bulk and brings down the portability aspect.

    Still… I like the possibilities.

  5. Does anyone know what kind of mic you need in order to get this functionality? I can’t seem to find any specs regarding a mic on the iPod Touch.

  6. Mike Durant Says:

    Switcheasy Thumbtack mic does the trick

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