Lost time

OK, I think I’ve got a full grasp of the different “times” happening on Lost. I’d better get this down before I forget. (Oh, and I shouldn’t have to say this but… spoilers most definitely ahead.)

The Oceanic Six left the island in 2006. They had a real-time, subjective experience of 3 years passing, bringing them presumably to 2009.

John Locke unskipped the record on the island in 2006.
When he did that, he sent himself 3 years into the future, to 2009.
When he did that, he also sent Jin, Juliette, Sawyer, Miles, and Daniel to 1974.

John went to an objective future that already happened. He didn’t experience time passing.
Jin, Juliett, Sawyer, Miles, and Daniel find themselves in 1974. Their passage of time was subjective, they experienced it, and wound up in 1977 by the time this latest episode ended.

Then there was the second plane crash, in 2009. Here time is also split.
At least three people — Kate, Jack, and Hurley — flashed back in time to 1977. The interesting thing is that this matched precisely the two subjective passages of time in order to match the characters up again.
The airplane itself just crashed. We don’t know what time that is, but I’m assuming it’s 2009. So we have John and Ben on the island in 2009. For some reason they didn’t go with the rest of them. Why? I figure this is a huge plot point, something having to do with their personal battle. We also know that Frank (the pilot) also crashed with them. We don’t yet know “when” Sayid and Sun are.



One Response to “Lost time”

  1. Who knows? I wonder if the writers even know. I’m always afraid they have become “lost” too.
    But I actually understood your explanation (upon the third reading)! Good job.

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