Busan news

I added a “Busan, South Korea” category in my Google News feed. The overwhelming majority of news from Korea happens in Seoul. Our humble little village of 4 million people hardly gets mentioned. So I wanted to see what kind of results I’d get. I learned two interesting things today:

1. Busan has opened its first ever film post-production facility, called AZ Works on the Beach. OK, actually a colleague told me about this the other day. But I sort of put it in the back of my mind. Busan has been trying to establish itself as an emerging film hotspot. It’s a popular film locale for domestic movies, and we have the always awesome PIFF festival every year. But all the gigs happen in Seoul. There are no jobs down here. This is exciting news and will hopefully kick things up a notch.

2. Busan has launched its first ever all-English radio station, called Busan e-FM. It’s a partnership with Airirang FM Radio and broadcasts at 90.5 mHz. I can do without the K-pop and the English-language cheese songs, but I listened to the news hour at 6pm and it was pretty good. They had some in-depth analysis of the North-South military tensions, some Korean politics, the crappy economic situation, Busan weather, and some pretty lame chat about who’s the best point guard in the NBA right now. There was very little Busan-specific news, but hopefully that will change with time.

I also learned through my little news feed that Jin Air will stop flights between Busan and Gimpo, Starbucks will add another 50 cafes in Korea, and the guy who ran that Cosco Busan tanker into the Bay Bridge was “taking lots of meds.” So there you go.


2 Responses to “Busan news”

  1. I was in Seoul yesterday for a quick visa fix. You can feel the difference there. Even the occasional nod from strangers on the street making for a much friendlier atmosphere. Busan is known for being a bit more conservative –a seemingly odd occurrence for a port city. Also the population is shrinking as even more people leave for Seoul and more job opportunities.

  2. True. It makes me wonder what it’s like to live up there.

    Someone told me the other day that it’s mostly young people who are leaving Busan for Seoul, even more than normal. The job situation is that bad. Busan is turning into one massive old folks community. OK, not really, but still… it’s not the place for a young person to be.

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