Body language

This physical therapy stuff is interesting. I’ve never had any kind of therapy, physical, psychological, spiritual… nothing. I was sitting in the Coffee Bean in Haeundae today and my arm started hurting. I thought, man I wish I could see my therapist right now. And it hit me that physical and psychological therapy are probably very similar. The body feels overwhelmed or the brain feels overwhelmed and if you have a therapist, that person clicks on in your mind.

I think it’s also probably the same in this regard: There’s a mystery waiting to be solved. With psychotherapy there’s something deep in the mind that needs to be plumbed, examined, stretched, pulled, revealed, and hopefully healed through mental/communicative investigation. In my case, something is going on deep in my body and my therapist is trying to figure it out through physical/communicative investigation.

For example: This morning she was working on my shoulder and I felt a tingle in my fingers. I told her this and her face changed, kind of like excitement. She quickly shifted her position, lowered my arm, and applied pressure to a different place. Then she asked different questions, like about how I sit in my chair. She also asked if by chance I carry a shoulder bag or backpack. Then I got excited. Why yes, I have a kind of shoulder-backpack and I used to rest it on my left shoulder and carry my computer around. When I told her that, she swung around to my neck and applied pressure there. Then she asked if the opposite shoulder ever hurt. Why yes, actually, for a while both shoulders were hurting, but the pain disappeared in the right and later concentrated significantly in the left.

It sort of went on and on like this, with new revelations. It was really interesting, again like a mystery in the process of being solved. I can’t imagine how she’d know all of this stuff just by poking around my body. That was the impressive part. She seemed to be feeling my physical history, picking up clues, and then moving on.

It kinda makes me wonder what psychotherapy might be like.


One Response to “Body language”

  1. Nice description; reminds me of when I had my back worked on a few years ago (in Korea), though we didn’t have much discussion. She seems like a true professional, so I would (duh!) extend it for as long as you can.

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