Not very Christian

Wow, this is what you call ripping someone a new asshole…

Christian Bale lets loose against his DP on the set of Terminator Salvation.

I’m sure this kind of thing happens all the time, but maybe not that, uh, angry. Any creative environment gets testy, and movie sets can be chaotic. It’s remarkable how clean the audio is. I guess the location mixer didn’t press the stop button on his Nagra. This reminds me of other legendary high fidelity outbursts, like Casey Kasem and the dead dog request, or William Shatner’s argument over the pronunciation of “sabotage.”

Link by TMZ.


2 Responses to “Not very Christian”

  1. I look forward to the movie to see if he was just being in character.

  2. wow this is crazy. I’m listening to it with Chris. I can’t believe he is such an as*hole.
    I have no doubt how he could get the role in American psycho.

    Hope you have a good time in Southern Asia.

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