Super Steelers

Last night we rocked Singapore. Actually, it was more like two dozen foreigners plus a handful of Singaporians, but we still rocked. There’s a bar along the riverfront called the Crazy Elephant that hosts an open mic on Mondays. So we played a late set, then drank a bunch of beer and got rowdy, then played another, sloppier set. We’re definitely rusty, but it was fun. We came back to the house, swam in the pool and made a shitload of noise until the cops came and shut us down. I finally stumbled off to bed around 2 in the morning.

I woke up to the horrific scream of an alarm clock I set for 6:45 am. Hangover be damned, I couldn’t miss the start of the Superbowl, not when it’s the Steelers playing. I had a throbbing headache but I was jazzed up for the game. Things looked good in the first half, capped off by that amazing interception by James Harrison. Holy shit what a play. That was unreal. The second half was painful, and when Fitzgerald scored that 64-yarder I started to remember my hangover again and felt like shit. But then that finish, jeezus… more than joy, that was a relief.

I predicted a 27-20 Steeler win. I wasn’t far off. The Cardinals came to play and showed a lot of heart, especially Warner. That was the best quarterbacking I’ve seen against the Steelers in a very long time. I was surprised by how the Cardinals shut down Willie Parker. But I was more surprised by how they failed to defend the short passes against Santonio Holmes. Their corners were playing too loose, and the Steelers must have run that same quick pass play to him three or four times.

Six Superbowl championships… I watched Bradshaw and Swann and Stallworth and Greene play. I barely remember those Superbowls… a few highlight flashes are still there. The best part was it meant time spent with dad. But this one feels really good. This group of players, this particular one, is special, like those 80s teams were special. The formula is the same as it was back then, because the team is a team. There’s not one player that stands out among the bunch. No Favre, no Romo, no T.O., no Ray Lewis… No stars, no posterboy, no one making news for the wrong reasons or making too much noise about himself. Just a team.


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  1. You can’t misbehave in Singapore!

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