Food is emerging as the theme of the trip so far. The first meal I had in Hong Kong was a three-dollar bowl of wonton noodle soup that tasted like San Francisco. It was a fairly regular lunch when I lived there. The next day I had my first real pub-style burger in half a year. The next day was an elaborate beef tenderloin cooked to perfection.

Here in Singapore it’s not so much about eating out as eating in. Our hostess is cooking up a storm of comfort food for us – tuna casserole, mac & cheese, and breakfasts of eggs, sausage, real bacon, potatoes and rice.

Today we went on an urban hike along an elevated forest path that looked like something out of Myst. At the end of the trail was a hawker stand representing what seemed to be all of Asia, including its various religions, sitting together side-by-side in one place. I got an Indian curry with rice and mutton that was dee-lish, with a little pulled tea to top it off.

And just now, the three of us went on a $550-sing shopping spree at the local grocery store — our contribution and thankyou for the hospitality. Like everything in Singapore the place was sparkling clean, with perfectly presented produce, meats, and packaged foods. It was like one of those over-priced earthy-hippie stores you’ll find in the liberal enclaves around California. We marveled at all the things we’ve been missing – jars of artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes, refried beans, cheeses, and beers of every kind. Strangely enough, a head of cabbage cost $6. In Korea, you’d probably pay a quarter.

It’s looking like we’re gonna hunker down here for about a week. Our Malaysian invasion will have to be delayed. We’re enjoying ourselves far too much to leave now.


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  1. How much was the artichoke? It’s over $1 here.

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