First 5 days

I’m in Singapore, getting blissfully fat and spoiled. Hong Kong was a collision of humanity, with throngs of people out celebrating the lunar new year. They say Busan is the city where you get bumped around on the street, but that’s nothing like trying to make your way through the streets of HK during the new year.

We only spent two full days there. We planned to take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak on our first day, but the line to get on was two hours long. Fuck that. So we hoofed it up instead. It felt good to burn off some dead weight and work up a good sweat. Somehow we got off track and wound up lost in the disgustingly wealthy area. We eventually got back on track by following a nearby herd. We knew we’d made it back to civilization when we saw a Starbucks sign. We went inside and found ourselves inside a mall. All that effort climbing a mountain and we end it inside a shopping mall. HK is full of malls. It must have something to do with the wealth here, but good lord I’ve never seen so many shopping malls.

On the second day, we went to Lantau island and visited the big buddha statue. It was also crowded with families. Up a huge flight of stone steps, there was the big fellah shrouded in fog. We made our way back down to the temple nearby. I’ve never seen so much burning incense. There were unbelievably fat sticks, three five or six feet tall and as round as a tree trunk sending smoke that mingled with the myst on the mountain. People bought their own more humble supplies and waved them in the air. Ash flew everywhere and the smell was overbearing.

The next day, we were off to Singapore, but not without its challenges.

Tip to travelers out there: Don’t go anywhere if your passport isn’t up to date, and by up to date I mean a good year or so before renewal is needed. My friend got hung up at check-in because Singapore doesn’t allow people to enter if their passport is six months from expiration. The Cathay Pacific lady had to call ahead to the embassy to give us the okay. This took a good 40 minutes or so to get approval, so once we got the green light, we had to literally run to the gate to make it on time.

The good news is that we got bumped up to business class. If I was an untrusting soul I’d think they were fattening us up to eat us. We were given champagne, shrimp appetizers, green salad, a main course, good red wine, cheeses and fruits, cheesecake, chocolates, and coffee. I wasn’t really hungry, but I ate every last bit.

We arrived in Singapore, loaded up on liquor at the duty free shop and made our way to our friend’s house. He’s got quite a spread. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom, and the back patio has a pool surrounded by jungle foliage. Not bad, not bad at all. None of us were hungry, but we went out anyway and ate a delicious pizza and drank some fine red wine.

I could get used to this.


3 Responses to “First 5 days”

  1. Pizza?

  2. You’re a good writer. I wanna go bump with some hong kong-ites now.

  3. Thanks Bobby! You ain’t so shabby yourself.

    Now stay out of Kamchatka. ^^

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