It’s official, the Arizona Cardinals are the trendy pick to win the Superbowl. Apparently Larry Fitzgerald has achieved godlike status, the best since Jerry Rice, a guy who can win a game all by himself. Larry Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald. Good lord. Sure he’s talented, but he’s not the one who scares me. The guy who scares me is Steve Breaston. I predict this guy will significantly change the course of the game by returning a punt for a touchdown, catching another TD, and racking up close to a hundred yards.

Pittsburgh’s weak on special teams coverage. They’re also vulnerable against the deep ball. But I think Fitzgerald will get the bulk of Troy Polamalu’s attention and Warner will spot Breaston as his second option. This isn’t to say Fitzgerald won’t have a good game, but I think Breaston is the X-factor. The key is hitting Warner before he can make those throws. I think the Steelers will. On the other side of the ball, I’m expecting Willie Parker to have two touchdowns, 100+ yards, and an MVP trophy.


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