Fingers are crossed

I don’t have TV at home. So whenever I get a hotel room I become addicted to the damned thing. There’s not much I can understand on Korean TV, but that doesn’t stop me from being transfixed by it. There’s a lot of bigtime melodrama, cooking, performance skits (often involving boys dressing as girls), reality TV, and a lot of talk. They flash hangul all over the screen in bright colors accompanied by cartoony sound effects.

There’s one show I find particularly mesmerizing. It features a dozen or so foreigner girls — from Canada, China, Russia, wherever — sitting on a stage speaking flawless Korean while Korean men sit opposite them and laugh and react to what they say. I can’t understand what they’re talking about, but I know that they’re really good at the language. They’ve got the rhythms and inflections down perfect. I like it because it looks so strange. I imagine it’s probably a big hit.

But I’ll usually default to the English language shows. House and CSI are big here, and there’s usually some big action movie or comedy from America. Sadly, I’m watching Alien Resurrection right now, a movie whose existence I deny but my choices are limited. There are a dozen reasons why this movie is so horrible, but the biggest is that it’s utterly pointless. There’s no reason for it and aside from that cool (and impossible) underwater scene there’s nothing enjoyable about it. If you’re going to bring your main character back from the dead, you’d better have a story rather than just recycling the same theme that’s been done in the previous three movies.

I’m sincerely hoping that this is my last night in Seoul. I go in tomorrow morning for my last checkup. What I want to hear is that everything’s fine and on course for healing. But I have my concerns. When I had it cleaned on Saturday the doctor said there was some fluid under the stitches. He said they might need to open them up and clean it out. This freaks me out because I leave on the 27th for a month-long vacation in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. That’s nine days away.


2 Responses to “Fingers are crossed”

  1. You surmised correctly – that show with the foreign girls is a HUGE hit, and has been for at least a year. Due to my innate hatred of all ‘chat’ type programs, I haven’t actually watched it, but I have been told that the Korean ability of the girls is actually quite varied. Although I’m quite sure the content of their discussions tends to border on the inane, I do actually credit this show with making the average Korean a lot more accepting of broken, mangled Korean when spoken by hapless white girls (I refer of course to myself – on a good day I can speak tiny Korean sentences; on bad days, a jumble of words comes flying out of my mouth).

    Hope your face heals in a timely and cordial fashion.

  2. Thanks Anne. :)

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