NFL playoff predictions

Playoff predictions are meaningless. But they’re fun. There’s no research behind this, just gut feelings. You may, however, consider them as unquestionable as the passage of time.

AFC Wildcard
Indianapolis at San Diego: Indianapolis wins 35-24
Baltimore at Miami: Baltimore wins 30-13

AFC Divisionals
Baltimore at Tennessee: Baltimore wins 20-12
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh wins 33-20

AFC Championship
Baltimore at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh wins 9-7

NFC Wildcard
Atlanta at Arizona: Arizona wins 27-24
Philadelphia at Minnesota: Philadelphia wins 40-14

NFC Divisionals
Arizona at Carolina: Carolina wins 38-27
Philadelphia at New York: Philadelphia wins 23-20

NFC Championship
Philadelphia at Carolina: Carolina wins 35-16

Pittsburgh defeats Carolina 30-21


7 Responses to “NFL playoff predictions”

  1. Well being that I am a Giant fan ..I agree with just about all of them except the Giant Philly game…Steelers Giants Super bowl

    Giants 20- Steelers 17 in OT..Zman sends

  2. common sense Says:

    psssh….Steelers….more like the Steal-ers, after seeing the Baltimore game

  3. Hey,
    I’m a Pittsburgher living in Korea, and I’m a huge Steelers fan. I’ve been watching the games all year via NFL’s Gamepass, but the overpriced coverage that I initially bought does not cover the playoffs. I’ve seen a few of the games broadcast on Korean TV but have noticed no regularity. To avoid having to spend more money to get the “playoff package,” what do you think the likihood of finding the games on Korean TV will be? Do you know of anywhere that I can check the TV listings? Since it looks like you’ve been here a few years, I was hoping that you might know from experience.

    Thanks and Go Steelers!

  4. Hi Steve… It’s not easy to see football here because most Koreans don’t follow it. Seems MLB comes first, then NBA… and NFL doesn’t register much. I’m not sure if they broadcast playoff games. If so, I’m hoping we get Steeler games, since Hines Ward is something of a celebrity here.

    You can try asking the local foreigner bars if they’ll be broadcasting. There’s one here in Busan that picks up live games on the internet (crappy quality) and there’s another that’s going to show delayed TV broadcasts the next morning.

    Another option, if you’re tech savvy, is to try the p2p thing on the internet.

    Go Steelers!

  5. If you can wait until someone uploads the game(usually a day or 2) , and you know how to download torrents. You can download them from Many times they are in HD. It’s not bad if you can keep yourself from checking the scores on espn.

  6. common sense Says:

    you can stream NFL games live here. YOu’ll have to download a program like TVAnts to run the stream.

  7. […] 13, 2009 I wasn’t too far off on my playoff predictions. I got six right, two wrong, and three of my four picks are in the championship round. The biggest […]

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