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It’s 6:26 pm on Christmas Eve. I’m sitting at my computer in my office waiting for Final Cut Express to spit out a 54 minute video export. It’s gonna take a good three hours from when I started it, so I’m floating around, reading my book, listening to Stars of the Lid, talking on the phone, surfing the internet a little.

Throughout the day I’ve gotten various “Merry Christmas” messages on my cell phone. It’s a simple little gesture, but for some reason I love every time my stupid mobile dings with a new message. All of them have been from my Korean friends rather than foreigners. It’s not their holiday, not in the same way, but they know it’s mine. That’s sweet.

This is my first Christmas in Korea, and I believe it’s my first ever away from family. Last year I was in Brussles with my cousin and his family. So it’s a little strange, a little lonely. Tomorrow I’ll be with good friends, and that will be nice. But it’s still strange. I don’t care about gifts, in fact I’ve become profoundly apathetic about that aspect of the holiday. What I most enjoy about Christmas is time, simply the passage of time with family. I can’t have that this year, but such is life.

With the big event coming tomorrow, tonight will be a late-night dinner, play some music at the local bar, go to a club that’s having a holiday theme, see various friends and acquaintances, probably drink a lot, get sad, get happy, get sad, go home.

The progress bar reads 64% with 56 minutes remaining. Progress bars are notoriously deceiving, but it should leave enough time for my 8:30 rendezvous.


2 Responses to “Progress bar”

  1. Merry, merry Christmas. Your family misses you, too.

  2. I just got back home today, family here. Just like old times. I gets I am on the Regress Bar.

    Happy Holidays!

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