New audiovisual candy

I’ve just received my first shipment of Amazon DVDs I ordered a while back. I’m eating it bad on the shipping costs, but oh well. I want to bundle up with a few good movies for the long cold winter.

The Exorcist – There are two cuts of this movie. I bought “The Version You’ve Never Seen,” which for me could be any version actually. For some strange reason, I’ve never seen it.
Kagemusha – I actually ordered this by accident. But reading the reviews later, it sounds like a fortunate accident.
Oasis – One of the most highly regarded Korean films. I’m looking forward to this one.
A Tale of Two Sisters – Apparently one of the most fucked up of all Korean films, as in scary as shit. I’m not looking forward to this one.
Babel – Seen it. Loved it. Want to see it again.
Children of Men – When I brought the stack back home, it was tough deciding which movie to watch first. I picked this one. I know it well and I love it, so I knew I’d enjoy it again. This movie gets better and better with each viewing.
Paprika – This is probably the strangest animated movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like one long hallucination. I have to see it again because I didn’t understand it at all.
Braveheart – Except for the gratuitously long torture scene, I love this movie. Have it on VHS. Must have the DVD.
The Orphanage – Outstanding movie. I have to thank my friend Jen for recommending this. It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen where the sound changes the meaning of the story.
The New World: The Extended Cut – A longer version of one of my favorite movies. The new cover art is absolutely stupid, but I won’t let that bother me.
Wall-E – Breakthrough animation. I’ll be watching this over and over, and showing the first 30 minutes in my classes next semester.

Still to come are The Harmonium In My Memory (Korean), a couple new books on sound theory, and the new Marillion album. It’s gonna be a good winter.


2 Responses to “New audiovisual candy”


    much easier, despite being a true oasis

  2. haha… yeah I know. :) For some reason I feel compelled to buy the actual product.

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