Fill the cup

So the election ends and I’ve got nothing else to say? Yes and no. There’s not much to say politically, unless I want to dig into the nuances of the post-game report, which in truth isn’t very interesting. If you’re a hard-core partisan, you can’t get enough of the Palin-McCain backstage bickering or what frigging dog Obama’s going to get. Sorry, not interested. I was into this for the substance, not the fluff… Actually, who am I kidding?

In truth, I’ve been trying to wean myself off the news-nipple and get back to my immediate world. This consists of mostly managing the past (finally grading midterms), trying to focus on present needs (class preps), and preparing for the future (the many possible avenues that may or may not open up come next year).

What else? I’m buying a bunch of DVDs from Amazon. A few Korean movies plus some old favorites. And I’m ordering the new Marillion album. I’ve been watching the John Adams HBO mini-series, which has taken over The Wire as my TV of choice. I don’t think I’m really into The Wire, actually. I recognize it as a good show, but it’s not the knockout I’d been promised. I’m only in the middle of the first season, though, so we’ll see. John Adams, on the other hand, is outstanding. This was a conscious choice, to watch it right after the election. After all the noise, I wanted to go back to the beginning of American democracy as a means of political cleansing. It’s working.

I’ve also been extremely social lately. Lunches and dinners out almost every night. Hanging out with my usual tight bunch. But also spending a lot of time with some new people who have come into my life. Fall is typically a reflective season, and maybe as a result I feel like time is running short. Time to kick in the inertial burners for that mad dash to February.


2 Responses to “Fill the cup”

  1. as far as The Wire goes…

    stick with it and get back to everyone at the end of the season. then continue watching the subsequent seasons.

    you’ll be fully converted.

    I envy you, as you are watching The Wire for the first time.

  2. I just finished the John Adams series myself. As good as it is (and it is outstanding) the David McCullough book is so much better!

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