The day after yesterday

I wasn’t too far off with my map prediction. From the numbers, it looks like in the end Missouri will be McCain’s and North Carolina will go to Obama. So it should wind up 364-174, three off from my guess of 367-171. The only state I didn’t get right was North Dakota.


Last night was a big party. I went out with a few friends to my favorite neighborhood restaurant for pig and soj. When the TV came around to the election news coverage, we all whooped and hollered and got stared at by the natives. Then we played a bunch of songs at the bar. It was a good crowd. Lots of dancing and Obama chants late into the night. It did all make me even more homesick though. I got home at 4 am and watched Obama’s victory speech again, the sound filling my livingroom. I’m still amazed.

This morning, a few of my Korean colleagues asked me my thoughts on the election. The Korean L is very close to an R sound, so it takes me a half a second to be sure I understand the topic of conversation.

Oy, I’m so sleepy, and not thinking straight. Think I’ll take a nap. I leave you with this most excellent political cartoon:

Steve Sack, Star Tribune

Steve Sack, Star Tribune


2 Responses to “The day after yesterday”

  1. Nice call on the electoral map. I predicted 313, looks like the Big “O” (That really nails it doesn’t it, as liberal America had a raving “O” at the news of victory) did well right in the middle of us both.

    Good blog, man. I will add you on my Links for Literate Living. Though my endorsement could decrease your readership.


  2. Thanks Bobby, I’ll do the same for IW.

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