Liberals love water!

Well, they love the Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic? Not so much.

I’m really enjoying Fox’s interactive election map. Very nicely designed. You can click on all the states and see which counties voted for whom. Looking at the West Coast states, they’re decisively blue all along the ocean. Inland, things get much more orangey. Take a look at California:


Oregon and Washington look the same. And of course, Hawaii is blue all over (surrounded as it is by the Pacific). What does this mean? A nice ocean wind contributing to one’s breezy outlook on a hopeful future? Better quality seafood?

I know, I know, urban versus rural values. But it’s still fun to look at how opinion is concentrated in certain areas. People talk about red states and blue states, but it’s more microscopic than that. Missouri is fascinating. Take away Kansas City and St. Louis and it’s chock full of McCainites. In fact, take any of the states and you’ll find that this urban/rural thing is major, perhaps even moreso in this election, with this particular president-elect.

And of course things get even more microscopic than that, but it becomes tougher to measure, and perhaps unnecessary to think about. “The public” is, after all, an unquantifiable thing. Keep going and you get Joe Sixpack living across the street from Elsa the Elitist. There is no flyover country, there are no red or blue states. In the end there are simply various concentrations of majority opinion.

I would like to point out however, as a closing thought, that Texas Mavericks overwhelmingly seem to like Obama:


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