A little live bloggin

I’m sitting in the English lounge at my university, watching president-elect Barack Obama speak on television. It really does feel like something impossible has happened. I feel strangely separated from it, being over here in Korea. I don’t get homesick often but I wish I was sitting on a barstool at Lucky 13 in San Francisco right now, drinking a Sam Adams and watching the coverage on TV.

The popular vote at this point seems to show things fairly equally divided (unlike the EC, which is a landslide). Half of the nation is disappointed, but I have to believe that even McCain supporters feel the weight of this. Regardless of how things change in the next four years (and regardless of how they won’t), this is a singular moment of historical significance.

On a more personal level… I needed this. I needed an act of courage from my country, not so much in electing a black man, but in taking a risk. He is young and untested. I know this and a lot of others did as well. But people allowed themselves listen to him, and brought themselves to choose a new path. To me that’s huge.

He just finished his speech. I can’t think of anything else to say. I’m just going to soak this in for a while.


3 Responses to “A little live bloggin”

  1. This is such an improved post from the one four years ago where you counted how many times W said “nucular.” Or was that the convention?

    I’ve been glued to the set myself this evening, and I’m not the political junkie you are. I’m glad to have witnessed this and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. I worked at the polls again. We couldn’t know what was happening, because there’s no electioneering at the polls, but I was able to do a little guessing. I sent four people away to change their political shirts – one young man with McCain-Palen, a thirtyish black couple wearing Obama shirts and a Mexican lady with an Obama shirt. The first three were very cooperative about turning their shirts inside out. The lady wore a sweater which I asked her to button up. She kept pulling it closed but not buttoning it, complaining all the time.
    One 56-year-old white lady was voting for the first time. Her mother had told her poor people’s votes weren’t counted. This time she said “enough is enough.” She asked me to help her because she didn’t know how to vote, and I saw that she voted for McCain. Too bad she lost her first election. She was terribly excited, though, and hugged several of the poll workers.
    Other people were excited, too – especially many, many young people voting for the first time. I was quite moved this year.

  3. Ah, Linda, that was the old blog. I’m much nicer now. :)

    Elorac, that’s great. I’m glad you did that. You were part of history.

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