Scary indeed

Well, here we go. I found this by way of

Now, sure, some of this comes down to a smattering of dim bulbs not understanding how to punch a simple ballot. But what’s abominable are the efforts by people to actively stop others from voting. These people should be hung up and shot. C’mon, telling people to vote on Wednesday? Telling Hispanics they’ll be arrested if they try to vote? This is midieval.

The closer we get to Nov. 4, the freakier things get. This article is just… weird. This one‘s weird too. People are weird. It’s interesting how many McCain enthusiasts use the word “scary” when it comes to Obama. The language is becoming more and more desperate, tempers are flaring. I’m just waiting for someone to finally lose it: “Dammit, do I have to spell it out for you people? He’s black, can’t you see that!? We can’t have a black socialist terrorist in office!” That’s so close to coming out of someone’s mouth. You can feel it.

One more day. The carnival is almost ready to close down. Pack up your soapboxes, dump out your leftover buckets of mud, wipe the lipstick off the talking pig. I don’t care anymore. I’ve had it. End this thing. No matter who wins, I’ve seen the best and the worst of my country and that won’t change. It’s just that one side will win a slight majority. Once this theater is over, American extremists can go back to expressing their hatred toward each other in more random forms.

Right now my priority is to find a good place to watch the coverage. I’ve got class until 12:30pm on Wednesday, which is 7:30pm Tuesday, San Francisco time. I’m sure people will be gathering somewhere in my neighborhood. I plan to be drunk by 3. What I don’t know is whether I’ll be a happy drunk or a sad one.


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