Halloween, Busan-style

Halloween in Busan is always fun.

First is the shock value. The English-speaking Koreans, the ones who have waygook friends, they get it. But most Koreans haven’t got a clue. They think we’re all freaks anyway, so they probably think… well, I can’t even imagine what they think. We get stared at anyway, but on Halloween the looks linger far longer than normal. A friend of mine, dressed up spot-on accurate as that creepy dead girl from The Ring, said she freaked out her taxi driver until she explained the situation. I take it he was relieved.

Second is the party. Two of the major nightlife neighborhoods — Kyungsung and PNU — have veritable block parties, with costume contests and live music. The bars were literally stuffed with people. My band did a 2 am late set that went pretty well. It’s hard to go wrong when everyone’s tanked, snapping photos, dancing, falling down… good fun.

There were two Sarah Palins and about four or five Jokers. But what’s really great are the Korea-centric costumes. Some of the more creative ones included: the Gwangan Bridge, Dokdo Island, a Korean Olympic weight-lifting medalist, and several men dressed as hiking ajumas.

Wish I had photos, but I forgot my camera.


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