d) all of the above

This clip is absolutely surreal…

I can’t decide what’s more mind-boggling:

a) the words coming out of Joe The Plumber’s mouth
b) the enthusiastic backing of those words by the McCain campaign
c) Fox News coming to the defense of Obama

I’ll say this: Shepard Smith showed some real class in that clip.

Five more days…


2 Responses to “d) all of the above”

  1. 5 minutes of fame – it’s intoxicating. Joe Wurtzenbacher is pontificating.

  2. Who the hell is this Joe the Plummber and how/why does a blowhard idiot like that get prime time news coverage?

    All’s I can I think of is when Obama gets assassinated (and there will be many attempts if he gets elected) the jews will be blamed.

    American news media is such a sham.

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