The angry white mob

This US presidential campaign has sunk to such depths, I’m now starting to fear for Obama’s life. The Huffington Post, admittedly a one-sided liberal website, posted a scary collection of off-mic comments made by McCain/Palin supporters at recent rallies. Some example comments:


“Kill him!”


What’s particularly shameful is that these comments are not being challenged by those at the podium. This is what happens when you’re losing and you’re so desperate to win that you move into the realm of inciting the muted anger of your base supporters. We’ve seen how the McCain/Palin campaign is unabashedly going dirty in their attacks. The language has gotten brutal. Vitriol like that has effects. They must know this and yet they continue to pour it on. I’m afraid of what the consequences might be.


2 Responses to “The angry white mob”

  1. Yes. Me, too.

  2. It is getting pretty down and dirty. I was watching the woman at a McCain town hall meeting calling Obama an Arab and a Muslim. Can you say, medication?

    Geez… Check out my article in Pajamas Media. I get nailed to the wall by several readers for suggesting that might want to can the negative ads since they have worked thus far.


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