A quick VP debate comment

I’m only halfway through listening to the debate, but: I’m reminded why Joe Biden was my choice for president from the very beginning. He not only knows his shit, he speaks well about it. I hope he gets a real sphere of influence in the administration when/if he becomes VP.

On the other side, I’m amazed by Sarah Palin’s talent for being unspecific. It’s mesmirizing. She’s speaking many words, but I don’t know what she’s saying. She may win the folksy category ā€” and with the American electorate I know that carries a lot of weight ā€” but wow.

OK, enough. I can’t sit here all day. I’m off to Haeundae to get my PIFF pass.


One Response to “A quick VP debate comment”

  1. I like Biden, too. I was hoping he would be Obama’s choice. It was obvious in the debate that he knows tons more than Palin on foreign affairs. She held her own (with a little nastiness), better than I thought she would. She managed to change the subject to what she wanted to talk about.

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