What to do what to do…

Why does everything have to happen on the same weekend? Can’t the gods of festivation spread things out a little? Take this weekend, for example — not much is going on. There’s a block party at PNU and the skeletal remains of my band is going to put together a little show to celebrate. Pretty much a typical weekend.

But next weekend, Oct. 4-5, that’s when everything happens at once on our little peninsula below the 38th parallel. I can’t decide what to do.

1. 13th PIFF International Film Festival. This is easily one of the coolest events in Busan. I have a free pass for all the films and I want to take full advantage. Adding to this, my professor/mentor/friend is coming down from Seoul to participate and I plan to tag along.

2. Ulsan World Music Festival. Someone told me about this last night. Ulsan’s not too far away and this looks like a lot of fun, with some great music.

3. Jarasum International Jazz Festival. John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Victor Bailey, and a bunch of other international artists play over a full weekend. It’s held in Gapyeong County, which is apparently a beautiful area of land east of Seoul.

Most likely, I’ll hang around for PIFF. But I have friends going to the other two events, so we’ll see what happens.


One Response to “What to do what to do…”

  1. “festivation?”

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