The best way to spend a day in Korea is to go on a nice long hike in the mountains (maybe catch a temple along the way), stumble down into a tiny village, eat the local cuisine, have a few drinks, and sing or play a few songs.

I’ve done this many times and in many different ways. Sometimes its a long bus trip with an overnight (or two night) stay in a minbak, other times it’s a day trip. Sometimes it’s dong-dong-ju, other times soju. Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it rains. Sometimes we play guitars, other times we sing Judas Priest songs. But it’s always a good time.

This time out we went to Geumjeongsan for the day. It’s the most popular hiking destination around Busan. The highlight is a long fortress wall that traces much of the ridge-line. It had rained the night before so even though it was hot on the ascent up from Beomosa, there was a cool breeze coming off the hills. Rain clouds still hung in the air and it created a spooky mist that touched the higher peaks.

The village was Sanseongmaeul. The local cuisine was duck and black goat. The drink was dong-dong-ju. The entertainment was lots and lots of norae.

Click ahead for some pictures…


4 Responses to “Geumjeongsan”

  1. It’s beautiful. I like the city in the background far below. What’s the wall?

  2. The wall is called Geumjeongsanseong. It was built to defend against Japanese invasions.

  3. Great pictures! I found your blog at the main page… good to see some of this country’s wonderful mountains here ;)

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