Ordinary People

If Barack Obama is going to win this election he has to steal from John McCain in the same way McCain has stolen from him. McCain ripped the “change” nounverb right out of Obama’s mouth. Obama, in turn, should take ownership over this word “ordinary.”

Actually, the current owner of this word is Sarah Palin. Conservatives, I guess, are ordinary. They like simple things, nothing too freaky. They’re very nervous about scary stuff they don’t understand: non-vaginal sex, drugs (alcohol is okay), evolution, government, Muslims, art, dissent, athiesm, masturbation. So they censor, they wiretap, they ban books, they stifle independent thinking, and they do a lot of fearmongering.

This is the social-cultural arm of conservatism. These are the ones who fund their candidates with all that cash. If they had their way, you wouldn’t have the ability to decide which gender to have sex with, what you can do with your reproductive system, whom or what you may believe created the universe, what movies you should see, what music you should listen to, what language you can speak. You wouldn’t miss having such choices. You only need to accept that there is a certain way to live your life, one as dictated by the words of Christ. It will all become clear to you. Just accept it and everything will be fine. You’d be ordinary.


“Ordinary” as the Republicans use it is synonymous with “backward.” Ordinary people in this fantasy land of the mind believe the universe is 6,000 years old. Ordinary people on Sundays worship a zombie who rose from the dead. Ordinary people don’t accept the scientific process. Ordinary people shoot wolves from airplanes. Ordinary people have babies while in high school. Ordinary people so fear their own democratically elected government that they have storehouses of guns to fight them off. As part of being “ordinary,” you must also have “common sense.” I hear this phrase a lot from Republicans. Now, does any of what I’ve said above align with any sane person’s notion of common sense?

It’s not just about cultural issues. Look at economics. Obama wants to cut taxes for the middle class ā€” what I would call ordinary people. McCain wants to maintain the Bush tax plan, which favors the wealthy ā€” what I would call nonordinary people.

I’m actually fairly moderate politically, with opinions on both sides of the ideological divide. But I cannot abide this current wave of conservatism. The reason why I’m voting democrat is very simple: Democrats want to have some small say over how you spend your money; Republicans want to have enormous say over how you live your life. To me it’s very, very simple. The government can have a little bit more of my cash, I don’t care. But don’t you fucking dare tell me how I should live my life.


3 Responses to “Ordinary People”

  1. Exactly so. Think of the people who fought for all this!

  2. For me, there was a time when every political race took consideration. I consider myself an “economic conservative” and a “social liberal”. However, now it is easy for two reasons (1) the religious right has taken over the Republican party and gone of the deep end ideologically, and (2) the Republican party has abandoned real economic conservatism and instead relies only upon unthinking mantras such as “trickle down theory”.

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