Steinem on Palin

This article by Gloria Steinem pretty much says it all when it comes to Sarah Palin. In addition to an extensive itemization of the horrors Palin believes in, she blows a lid on the manufactured image the Republicans are trying to sell to a gullible electorate. Some highlights:

“Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It’s about making life more fair for women everywhere.”

“She (Palin) was elected governor largely because the incumbent was unpopular, and she’s won over Alaskans mostly by using unprecedented oil wealth to give a $1,200 rebate to every resident.”

“The culprit is John McCain. He may have chosen Palin out of change-envy, or a belief that women can’t tell the difference between form and content, but the main motive was to please right-wing ideologues…”

And finally, in the bio at the end:

“Gloria Steinem is an author, feminist organizer and co-founder of the Women’s Media Center. She supported Hillary Clinton and is now supporting Barack Obama.”


One Response to “Steinem on Palin”

  1. John McCain says he works for us, but choosing her is not working for us. He will saddle us with a totally unexperienced person if something happens to him. That’s working for him to get himself elected. That is a betrayal of our trust.

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