Lost Season 4 / Season 5 limbo

I got my parents hooked on Lost and now they’re in limbo. They recently finished the Season 3 DVD set with its jaw-dropping finale, and they’re gung-ho for Season 4. But I can’t provide the goods. ABC and DVD are no help either. Here’s the problem:

Season 5 does not begin until January. OK fine, so go ahead and repeat Season 4 during the Fall to get everyone back up to speed. There were only 14 episodes due to the writers’ strike — perfect timing. But no, they’re going to air some dumb new show instead.

Next problem: The Season 4 DVD doesn’t come out until December. How stupid is this? By December they may not care anymore, and if they do it’ll be a panic to try and watch them all before S5 begins. There’s no fun in that.

I feel like a dope pusher, getting them hooked like that only to deny them the goods when the show really starts to take off.


One Response to “Lost Season 4 / Season 5 limbo”

  1. Boo!! Boo, on hooking people and then withholding the product. Boo!! I say.

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