I give up

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m stunned…

This election is my own personal test of what the United States is today. More than that, it’s a test of whether I want to be part of it in the future. When I talk to Asians and Europeans about our politics, the conversation goes something like this: “Okay, we don’t quite get how you voted for Bush the first time around. But chock it up to bad judgment. What we really can’t fathom is how you could make the same mistake twice.” Then I fluster around about a fearful nation and stolen elections. And I try to explain the complex cultural organism that is the “American citizen.” I do the best I can.

But… If Americans choose a hawkish conservative yet again, and if they do so because of yet another round of bullying, dickhead, fear-mongering campaign tactics… if Americans yet again choose to go with the cowardly side of their nature, if they fall into the trap of isolationism and us-against-them haughtiness… if they vote based on numbers at the gas pump without investigating why that might be happening… if they don’t have the balls to vote for someone with new ideas, who speaks of openness, who is one of the most intelligent and energetic voices to come to American government leadership in a generation… then the U.S. deserves John McCain. And they deserve what they get for the next four years after that, and beyond. Because the U.S. will cement itself unequivocally as an ignorant, selfish, terrified society that refuses to change and refuses to grow the fuck up.

I’ve tried to defend my country in conversation in the best way I can, but a McCain victory, especially achieved in this manner, would completely drain me of any verbal ammunition I might have once had. I would be out of options. I would have to finally say, you’re right, when all is said and done we failed. It’s over.


One Response to “I give up”

  1. Well said. This election season should be a referendum on the foreign policy failures of neo-conservatism.

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