…when you’re busy making other plans

Toilet warmers, unbearable heat, bad pop music, transvestite television, unceasing crowds of elves… Yep, I’m back in Korea, Seoul to be specific, Myungdong to be more specific. I’m enjoying a mochachino, and wondering what to do next. I may just go back to Busan, or I may meet up with this girl. But that’s another story.

An ex of mine once had this great idea. We were both freelancers living together, and she thought it would be good to treat our days like university students. The problem with freelancing is effective time-management and maintaining discipline. So she thought we should split the day into classes, but of the freelance variety. For example, 10-11 – internet and email. 11-12 – learn a new subject. 1-2 – ‘client thing A.’ 2-3 – PE. 3-5 – ‘client thing B.’ Etcetera.

We never got around to doing it because chaos has a way of seeping into the room like some odorless gas, but a volatile and combustible one that must be dealt with on its own terms. So life becomes a process of managing the immediate. Things get done. But continual management leaves little room for expansion.

I’d like to give it another shot. I’ve got 20 days before the semester begins and I have a huge list of things to tackle. There’s a lot of management, but also a lot of expansion potential. There’s some research I need to do, academic writing, class preparation, two audio-post projects, and I want to really work on improving my Korean. Add to that, the endless list of really-want-tos hovering in the background.

I say this knowing the chances of success are low. Chaos is a fickle creature, and it usually arrives in the form of human interaction. Late nights out, random extended conversations, spontaneous events. When you have no boss, you have no excuses.


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