Structural integrity

I came to the United States with an empty pack, knowing I’d fill it before my trip was finished. I’ve accomplished that task with verve and aplomb. My aging Dana Designs ArcFlex Terraplane is holding up nicely against the pressure of six or seven new shirts, a couple new pairs of trousers, two sweatshirts (why did I do winter clothes shopping?), four new DVDs, four new books, and two $50 bottles of Corzo tequila — one gold, one silver.

The tequila bottles are gifts for colleagues. If there’s one thing Korea excels at, it’s the promulgation of bad tequila. So I’m giving some fine sipping stuff — a little of the velvet jacket treatment, western Americas-style.

They’ve become the centerpiece of my packing endeavor, literally. I packed them in bubble wrap, fitted them securely side by side in an old Amazon box, and put them right in the middle of my pack. The box is surrounded by various animal-themed boxers, and the aforementioned sweatshirts and trousers. When I pick up my pack, it gurgles. I only hope the fragile contents survive the “tossers” of Korean Air.

The plan for the next few days goes something like this: In the morning I head off to San Francisco with my parents for a final day and evening of Bay Area culture, stay overnight at a Day’s Inn motel near the airport, and catch a 1:40 pm flight the next day. I arrive in Seoul the next afternoon and will probably stay there overnight, hopefully meeting up with a friend for a night out, and probably going to Busan Sunday afternoon.

And then the next chapter begins.


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  1. Welcome home.

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