Is it possible to unblog? Letters, spaces between letters, and symbols get strung together and combine into an agreeable code, and some kind of idea emerges that goes out to nonspecific readers. Can that be undone? No, I guess not.

So I’ll recode the previous: Disregard my last post. I am most definitely NOT going to Japan. It couldn’t come together for everyone involved. In a way I’m bummed. But I have to admit that there’s a little relief. A strange thing has slowly developed in the emotional center of my neural net, and that is homesickness. I miss Korea. I want to go home and sit and work. It’s been wonderful seeing friends and family, but it’s also been a rocket ride of here-to-there-ness.

Tonight I have one last night with the South Bay Crew, then it’s off to Merced. From there, I embark on the last adventure, the one that freaks me out. Four days in the middle of nowhere — and I mean nowhere — with a bunch of my freaky college friends. I’m excited. I’m terrified. I hope I survive.


One Response to “unblogging”

  1. Driftingfocus Says:

    By the way, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added you to my blogroll. You’re not obligated to add me in return or anything, but I just felt you should know. :)

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