Preceding essense

San Francisco is the greatest city in the world. I say that from a completely hyper-subjective perspective, of course. I was born here, it’s in my blood. So all those childhood sensory imprints mingle with the place as it is, regardless of previous experience.

What gets me every time I come back after a long absence is, for lack of a better phrase, its quirky dynamics. There are so many distinct neighborhoods that are easily traversable from one into the next. For example, there’s a jazz festival this weekend in North Beach. Rather than pay $12 for parking or circle endlessly for a spot, I went to the Financial District. I parked on Battery Street, went one block up to Sansome, and climbed a massive staircase to Coit Tower. From there I walked down right to Washington Square Park and took in some funky jazz grooves. It’s like going from one city to another in a half mile.

There’s also something about the ’60s vibe here. It’s not so much the hippies, although I do get a kick out of that aspect. It’s the culture born out of that. It’s the contrast of psychedelic pastel colors, mixed in with meandering green trees and vines, mixed in with weird architecture. That’s the memory aspect kicking in. It’s all still here, exactly as my 6-year-old brain left it.

It’s fun visiting one’s own city, especially a place like this. I’m on holiday and yet I know where to go, and I can’t get lost.

OK, I’ve blogged. Now I’m off to City Lights bookstore and then I’ll meet up with friends for dinner. But before I go I have to mention the stunningly beautiful woman wearing a fedora over there. She possesses indistinct ethnicity — Asian bone structure, Spanish skin tone, Turkish eyelashes, blue eyes… Hmm, more quirky dynamics.


One Response to “Preceding essense”

  1. What are you doing driving in San Francisco at all? You know better than that. Take the Muni! Who drives in San Francisco?

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