Indulge and expand

In a way, my visit to the States is being measured in food. The United States excels in offering a huge variety of good quality food. The real magic is in that combination ā€” variety plus quality. In Busan, I can get a pizza, or a burrito, or a hamburger… pretty much anything. But the quality is not the same. Koreans are great at Korean food.

It’s not that I really miss this variety while in Korea. But while here in the States, I’m constantly reminded of the opportunities I have. And it’s not just food. It extends to things like beer and coffee. (I have to say that good beer is something I genuinely do miss living overseas. Korean beer sucks.)

So I’m taking full advantage in the time that I’m here, and getting fat in the process. Among some of the more memorable indulgences:

Spicy chicken burrito with sliced avocado (in San Francisco)
Blowfish sushi (in San Jose)
Speakeasy IPA (SJ)
American-style BBQ: hamburgers, sausage, potato salad, various fruits and veggies (SJ)
Samuel Adams Boston Lager (SJ)
Red Hook IPA (SJ)
Chicken-fried Steak with hash browns and gravy (Gilroy)
Spicy chicken soft tacos with mango salsa and black beans (Merced)
Mom’s homemade “company casserole” (Merced)
Eggs Benedict with home style potatoes, sausage and French toast (Yosemite)
Gourmet bacon-bacon sandwich (SF)
Racer-5 IPA (SF)
Bacon, avocado & swiss omelette with hash browns (SF)
Grapefruit juice (SF)
Lemon-chicken pizza (SF)
Chicken tikka masala (SF)
Jack-in-the-box bacon-cheddar chibatta burger (SJ)
Cobb salad with ranch dressing (SJ)
Pulled pork BBQ sandwich (Morgan Hill)

Uuuhhhg… I’m stuffed just thinking about it all.


2 Responses to “Indulge and expand”

  1. Maybe there’s something to those live, squiggly things afterall.

  2. Dilraj Suri Says:

    The article provides useful information about variety of food available in the US. I’m planning to visit US in the near future. Being fond of healthy food, I’m glad to know that I could enjoy delicious and quality food (and quantity as well) during my stay over there.


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