Begin with the obvious

Obviously I’ve had a lot of strange observations since being back in the States for the first time in a year. I guess I’ll start with boobs.

The boobs here are huge, and they’re falling all over the place. It makes me wonder how many of them are real. Women take great care in presenting them perfectly, in a way that borders on the obsessive. They seem to be a great source of pride. They might also be an effective source of power. On the one hand, perfect breasts effectively mesmerize the heterosexual male population, giving the bearer a slight edge in any possible negotiation or confrontation. They may also provide an advantage in relating to other females, as an effort to establish position within an unstated social hierarchy. My boobs are bigger, can you not see that? So I am a more valued breed of female species. You must respect me.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Just that it’s the subject that, um, stands out most in my mind.


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