Classes are winding down and the semester’s coming to a close. I’ve been crazy busy lately, working on projects, helping students, grading assignments, playing gigs, and hanging out. I also have to finish my taxes before June 14. Then it’s fully into final grades, final dinners, final parties. I’ll emerge at some point at the end of next week, ready for the welcome abyss of no-plans-whatsoever.

This weekend was a full one. A gig on Thursday, which turned into a late night; a full 8 hours of animation sound design with some students on Friday; an aborted recording session Saturday and then another gig in Dalmaji that night.

I was looking forward to a mellow Sunday, but I got talked into going to my first baseball game in Busan. The team is the Lotte Giants, and their fans are rabid, to say the least. It was more like a European football match. They chanted songs, did the wave, did a double wave (quite impressive), and yelled a lot at the opposing pitcher.

Then, somewhere around the 8th inning, out came the orange bags. The purpose is to dump your trash into them, but while the game’s still going on, people blow them up with air and then tie them on their heads. So everyone’s got these bulbous orange growths on their heads and they bob up and down while doing silly chants and songs. Quite a sight. I wish I had pictures, but I can’t seem to find my camera.

Alas, Lotte lost 3-1, but it was exciting at the end. Afterward we had sam-gyup-sal because, well because that’s what we do.


One Response to “Ma!”

  1. Going-away parties there and welcome home parties in America. Good deal.

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