View from the balcony

This is my favorite place in Korea — my balcony. Especially on late Sunday mornings.

My Sundays usually begin by boiling up some water for the French press, putting in a load of laundry, then sitting in my plush orange chair in my pajama bottoms. I’ll dial up some mellow tunes on the iPod, drink coffee, and noodle on my laptop or read a book.

I like watching the world move below me: cars race by, ajumas with Darth Vader visors push strollers, delivery men zip along sidewalks in high-pitched scooters, urban children bound around like forest deer.

It’s been a low-key weekend. I kind of blew all my energy Friday night. My band played a stellar show at the best club in Busan and we followed it up with a ritual sam-gyup-sal party. Saturday it rained all day, so I stayed inside and watched animated movies and started working on a guest lecture I’m giving at a university this coming Thursday. I got some text messages to go out, but I wasn’t up for it. After the electric events of the past week — a friend visited from the States — I’m enjoying the solitude.

We’re heading toward the end of the semester. Every semester is its own clearly distinct chapter. There is a beginning, a middle, and then, inevitably, a bittersweet end. It’s mostly a bitter thing because it means friends are leaving. In this case, two good friends and two bandmates. I said it before and I’ll probably say it every six months for as long as I’m here: Friends become good friends very quickly and then, too often, they’re gone just like that.

So while I’m sad at the change, and by the fact that the band as it is will end in a month, I know new adventures will begin when I come back from America in August.


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  1. Orange chair?

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