It is the springtime of my… something

I’ve been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately. I’m not sure why, maybe because a friend recently mentioned “When The Levee Breaks” and that sent me down all those great old neural pathways.

I mention this now because I’m listening to probably my favorite Zep tune: “The Rain Song.” The seasons are indeed changing, it’s getting warmer, some interesting events and emotions are stirring around, all good stuff. Spring is by far my favorite season.

I went to the beach on Monday. It was a holiday, Children’s Day, so everyone had the day off. I ran into a friend there and we wandered down the beach so she could find a good place to paint a picture of Dalmaji Hill. Then another friend showed up. Then another. Then another. All random. It’s a small town of foreigners here in Busan. I went in the water, took some pictures, drank some rum. Then a few of us went to eat near the university and we met more friends there.

I’m hoping to go away this weekend. It’s another three-day break; Monday is Buddha’s Birthday. Someone mentioned something about the green tea fields west of here.

“The Rain Song” is ending. Time to end this post and go eat. Galbi awaits.

One Response to “It is the springtime of my… something”

  1. elorac Says:

    For a foreigner you seem to have a lot of friends.

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