Black pot pandering

A couple months back, I was having late 삼겹살 with some friends and we were talking about the election. Some were saying that if Obama didn’t win the nomination, they would vote for McCain. I came to her defense, saying that it’s not only a historical opportunity to have a first female president but that we need a democrat right now.

Hillary is making it very difficult for me to continue in that belief. She’s clearly a liar; she can’t hide the fact that she has a rabid thirst for power; and she seems to have a personality change whenever it suits her purpose. Now, in the ultimate of pot-and-kettle statments, she’s running around calling people elitists. She did it to Obama when he merely stated the obvious about working class Pennsylvanians. And now she’s saying it about economists who criticize her gas tax proposal. Mrs. Clinton, you are an elitist. You’re just pretending not to be because your edge over Obama is working class Democrats.

Incidentally, Obama’s right, the “elite” economists are right, and your gas tax proposal is backward and useless. As Thomas Friedman said, “If you are going to use tax policy to shape energy strategy then you want to raise taxes on the things you want to discourage — gasoline consumption and gas-guzzling cars — and you want to lower taxes on the things you want to encourage — new, renewable energy technologies.”

Hillary’s alignment with McCain on this issue is part of trend I see in her. I don’t watch TV, but I read. She’s changing her style and even her policies to align herself with what is her fresh new advantage over Obama. For her, it’s not about vision, it’s not even about the “experience” thing anymore, it’s that she’s becoming a white man. She’s suddenly Mr. Tough Average Joe, talking about obliterating Iran and calling people elitists. A while back, I wrote that Obama’s popularity shows that America is more sexist than it is racist. Well, thanks to Rev. Wright, Obama is becoming more black and Clinton is becoming less female.

She is crafty, I’ll give her that. But I’ve changed my tune. I will not vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination, not so long as she continues to be an average white man. I won’t vote for McCain either. I will vote for Obama, as a write-in.


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