It’s not the preacher, it’s you

American voters are idiots. They’ve — we’ve — proven that over the past two presidential terms. And we’re keeping the trend going into this primary process. When I say “idiots,” I don’t only mean uninformed, myopic and misguided. Yes, there is that, and Europeans love to remind me of that all the time. But more to the point, Americans are idiots because they allow themselves to be manipulated by what the media suggests — through repetition and a thirst for ratings — is important. They’re suckers.

Here’s a quote from an article in the International Herald Tribune, from a grocery store food stocker in Maryland: “It’s the stuff about his preacher … and the thing he said about Pennsylvania towns, how they turn to religion.” …the stuff about his preacher. You’re not supporting Obama because of the stuff about his preacher? Stuff about his preacher, what the hell does that mean? Where’s your focus? You’ve merely taken what the media has scandalized and made it your own thoughts and opinions. You, sir, are a dumbass.

What is it about Jeremiah Wright that so concerns you? Hmmm, let me take a guess: He’s black and angry. He’s not Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You’re only comfortable seeing eloquence from your black people; this angry stuff scares you. You’re already thinking, somewhere in the back of your mind: hey wait a minute, Obama’s black too, maybe he’s secretly angry too because he’s friends with Rev. Wright.

They’re different people. He’s not Obama, he’s Obama’s preacher. I bet this numbskull from Maryland has a buddy who maybe drinks a little too much and says the wrong things at poker night sometimes. But he’s still your buddy. It’s the same thing here. The only difference is it’s broadcast on television, and it’s repeated, and commentators freak the fuck out and then you say “Oh my god, I must now freak out! This is truly freak-out-able!”

I guess this was bound to happen at some point. The fears of Americans, in this case racial fears, eventually winning out. Even if Obama wins the nomination, which is likely, this will stick with him in the general election. The tragedy will be a loss to McCain because Obama was hurt by what someone else said. Stupid.

This is the way it goes. Howard Dean was the great hope of the democratic party four years ago. He lost to milquetoast John Kerry because Dean overmodulated a broadcast signal because the crowd around him was so loud. That broadcast wormed its way into everyone’s heads and we got a dope for a candidate.

The media loves to repeat itself. So does history.


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