I wanna be free

I’m a little concerned about the psychological state of my washing machine. From the day we met it’s always had an odd personality. It’s kind of, I don’t know, shy I guess, not very sure of itself. It’s fine with whatever setting I choose to use, at least initially. But then it stops in mid-spin and just sits there for a few seconds. Then it spins again, only to again hesitate, as if doubtful whether it’s doing the right thing.

Those behavioral symptoms on their own wouldn’t be enough cause for concern. But this is coupled with another odd tendency. I think it has attachment issues. Sometimes I’ll hear it making a big fuss and I’ll go check up on it and find that it’s trying to run away. It stretches itself almost to the point of suicide. Once that power cord comes out, that’s it man. I don’t know, maybe it’s me; but I tell myself that’s silly, it’s just a washing machine.

Maybe it just wants some freedom. As George W Bush says, we all love freedom. I should take it for a walk or something.

This post is just dumb. But I’m posting it anyway.


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