Probably unrealted links

I hate to criticize the medium that gives me voice to do so, but WordPress has implemented a new “feature” that is just dumb. Without letting me know, they’ve added a “Possibly Related Links” section at the bottom of each entry. This means, if you post about a certain topic, WordPress will, I guess, scan its database to check blogs they host discussing similar topics. Then it embeds the links into my page.

Reasons this is dumb:

1. It doesn’t work. I posted about a Korean wedding and the links generated had nothing to do with that topic. What’s worse, the links were stupid and seemed to be written by a cadre of caffeinated teenagers.

2. It’s opt-out. I hate opt-out. If you want me to use your feature, give me the option ahead of time. If you can’t do that, at least tell me you’ve added it. I just happened to notice when I was posting a comment on my own site, something I don’t do very often.

3. It’s unnecessary and self-serving. There are ways to search WordPress blogs. But I would guess that WP feels that isn’t good enough, so to generate more traffic for itself it decided to be a little more proactive.

The good news: You can turn it off, which I did.


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