White people love San Francisco

I’ve been holding off promoting this site until a moment when it hits close to home. It’s done that a few times, but it finally, literally, hit my home: San Francisco. This quote in particular was dead-on:

The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this [is] known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values. The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two [sic] provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that regions outside of San Francisco feature many people who are not white, gay or Asian. They are greatly appreciated during the census, but white people are generally very happy that they stay in places like Oakland and Richmond. This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.

Too funny. I kinda feel the same way about Santa Cruz, but even more so.

While I’m on the subject of San Francisco, here’s a pretty awesome map.


2 Responses to “White people love San Francisco”

  1. Hey, it’s been a while since I visited. I appreciate living vicariously through you. I’m glad you are doing well. We miss you. When is you next visit?

  2. Hi Kay! Glad you’re reading. I should be back around mid to late July. Hope to see you when I get back. Say hi to everyone.

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